Fill out US tax form W-8BEN for all individuals worldwide

The US form W-8 BEN is a certificate of Status of Beneficial Owner, for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting, for individuals.

This form is en English and quite complex to fill with many boxes to tick and information to provide, using a lot of acronyms ( FATCA, IGA, SSN, ITIN,  … ), you will spend hours to read the certificate documentation ( in English ) or you will have to pay an expensive US lawyer to do it but we can do it for a competitive price, for any indvidual in the world ( excetp US ones of course ) :

We have the knowledge and the experience to get your W-8BEN form correctly filled and delivered within 48 hours, in PDF format so you can focus on your job and not lose money.

What is W-8BEN form and why do I need it ?

The W-8BEN form is a member of the W-8 form family : foreign individuals must fill it to verify their country of residence for tax purposes, certifying that they qualify for a lower rate of tax withholding.

What happens if the form W-8BEN is not provided or you tick wrong boxes ?

The W-8 forms are issued by the IRS, but are submitted only to payers or withholding agents, not to the IRS.  

Failure to submit the form results in a withholding tax at 30% on the didividends and interests to receive from US companies..

Who should fill the W-8BEN certificate ?

This form must be filled by any individual having a US based revenues ( US share dividends, US bond interess  … )

How do I fill the W-8BEN certificate and which boxes to tick, for a non-US individual ?

There are 3 steps to fill the W-8BEN certificate for a non-US company :

– ask our company to do it on your behalf using this link
– receive your W-8BEN form filled with the right data, and the right boxes ticked 
– print it, sign it and send it to your US broker or US company



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